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8.27 IGF Japan

Peter Arts and Jerome le Banner fought at IGF (Inoki Genome )
Jerome won by KO against Kazuyuki Fujita.
Peter aloso won by TKO against Shinichi Suzukawa.

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IGF 2011-10-July: Jerome win

IGF GENOME16 on July 10 in Tokyo Dome
Jerome Le Banner won against Erik Hammer by KO.
Masayoshi Kakutani (Chakuriki Japan) loss against Kimura by KO.

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Prokick Article: Jerome Le Banner Vs Leko fight pictures


Newspaper reports of LJB vs Leko

French news papers reported the fight of Jerome le Banner vs Stefan Leko.

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Hesdy vs Chris Knowles in It’s Showtime

May 21, 2011 Hesdy vs Chris Knowles.
Hesdy win by KO in 2 round in Its Showtime.

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Chakuriki Brazil New Tattoo Logo

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Sander and Zena won

Sander Duyvis win his first A klasse fght on KO 3 round against Bonthe.
Zena wins again in Holland Saterday 9 april on points.

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Evgeniy Kurovskoy – It’s showtime 26-March.

The new fighter of Chakuriki, Evgeniy Kurovskoy won against andre Grigorian (Armenia) by points 5-0 in “It’s showtime” on 26 March.
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Photo: K-1 GP Final JAPAN

Peter Aerts became the finalist of the K-1 GP 2010 tournament.

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photo by: Chakuriki Japan

Cesar won Ringsgala Hilversum

6 nov in Hilversum of Ringsgala.
Cesar, Chakuriki, beat Sikkings from Borjanski-gym.
This fight was till 86 kg and the main fight of the evening.

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